BiFest is a one-day event celebrating bisexuality, for bisexuals and bi-friendly people. Originating in London, it has now spread to several other UK locations.

Birmingham - 17 November 2012

Birmingham BiFest will happen on 17 November 2012 at The Nightingale Club; see this Facebook event page for details.

Oxford (2013?)

Oxford's third BiFest was at the East Oxford Community Centre last March; see for details. There may be another next year, but nothing has been announced yet.

London (2013)

There was a London BiFest on 23 June 2012, to coincide with World Pride. There will probably be another next year - the site at will have details when they're available.

Cambridge (cancelled)

Unfortunately, the planned Cambridge BiFest in late October has been cancelled.

Manchester (2012)

A Manchester BiFest is planned fort he second half of 2012 – see for details.

Wales (2012?)

Wales is hosting its third BiFest in Cardiff in spring 2012: details on Facebook here.


Brighton (2012?)

Brighton BiFest happened on 7 March 2009. Details of that event are at There may be another soon, but no definite plans.